Skincare Empties

Hey everyone! I’ve gone through lots of beauty products over the last couple of months, and I wanted to share them with you! Many I will repurchase and some were a “one and done”. These are quick, little reviews…if you want to see the long winded version check out my YouTube ‘Empties’ video. (Link down below)

Also, I just want to thank those that have subscribed on my YouTube! I’ve been loving seeing your names on my channel! Thank you sooo much!

Here we go…

Soap and Glory’s Rich and Foamous is one of my favorite body washes. It is a thick, creamy gel and a little bit goes a long way. It foams up into a rich, luxurious lather, so your skin feels instantly moisturized. Oh and it smells like fresh baked cookies! What more could you want! Repurchase!

Mario Badesco’s Rosewater Facial spray is one of my favorites. I like this as a refreshing moisture mist to wake up my skin in the morning, and also for touching up makeup thoughout the day. I spray a small amount on a makeup sponge, and I can dab away any make up that is settling into my fine lines. This lives in my purse! Repurchase! 

I’ve been using Origins Night-A-Mins moisturizer as a night time cream for a few months. I could only use this the days I was feeling extra dry, as it’s really thick and greasy feeling. This broke me out a few times, so I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing. It was just too heavy even on my normal to dry skin. Not for me.

Fig and Yarrow is a vegan, cruelty free company sold at Target. This was my first purchase from them, and I really enjoyed this facial serum. I though of this as more as a facial oil, as it was more heavy than a serum, although it absorbed quickly into my skin. This instantly healed any dry cracking I had around my eyes. My skin always felt plump and hydrated the mornings after using this. Repurchase!

Wow, I was really impressed with the Tarte Eye Brightening Cream. It’s a thick, white cream that almost instantly brightens my under eye. It sits well under my make up and prevents my concealer from looking cakey. Repurchase!

These were my first two products from Ole Henriken, and I was really impressed. The Truth Serum made my skin and instant glow and over times my complexion looked more even.  As “just a serum”, I was impressed with the light hydration it gave. I almost felt like I didn’t need to follow with a moisturizer. The Truth Serum is a definite repurchase, while the Sheer Transformation cream was too lightweight of a moisturizer for my dry, winter skin. It wasn’t for me. This would be better suited for an oily complexion.

I love this cleanser by Fresh. It’s a gel that foams into a lightly lather and smells like the most refreshing cucumbers. It’s gentle, doesn’t strip your skin, and removes makeup easily. Repurchase!


And yet another product from Fresh. Their Rose Hydrating Gel Cream is one of my favorite moisturizers. It’s perfect under makeup as it doesn’t flake up, and foundation sits beautifully over it. It’s lightweight yet gives plenty of hydration to my skin. Repurchase!

These deluxe sized masks were in a skincare set I purchased from Sephora. While I can’t comment over the longterm effects, as I only got two to three uses, out of them. I’d love to let you know they temporary effect they had on my skin 🙂

Farmacy Honey Potion– The consistency is exactly as described-like honey. I found this difficult to spread onto my skin, and I had a strong tingle from this. I couldn’t wait to wash it off. It softened my skin, but I didn’t enjoy how this felt. Not for me. 

Fresh Black Tea Perfecting Mask– I enjoyed this thick, cooling cream mask. It felt refreshing and left my skin super smooth. Repurchase!

Tatcha Radiance C Mask- This was also a cream consistency that felt nice and hydrating on my skin. I didn’t notice any extra glow or ‘radiance’ to my skin. I wouldn’t repurchase this as the full size is a little too expensive for what this does. Not for me. 

Fresh Vitamin Nectar Mask- This was fun to as it feels like putting fresh orange jam on your face with little exfoliating beads. While I did enjoy the exfoliation I got from this, I can get the same exfoliation from less expensive products. Not for me.

And I conclude with my most frequently repurchased skincare product- Pixi Glow Tonic! With 5 percent Glycolic Acid, I get exfoliation and brightening from this. It really does give my skin a ‘glow’. It removes any oil build up in my pores leaving my skin looking fresh and radiant. Repurchase, repurchase, repurchase!

I hope you enjoyed!



  1. I’m currently going through samples of some of these products! I like the Tarte eye cream for night, but unfortunately it doesn’t sit well underneath makeup for me! It creases my eyeshadow like crazy and I normally don’t have that issue.

    Totally agree with you on the Farmacy Honey potion – I didn’t mind the consistency, but I don’t think the results are worth the price tag for a full size.

    How often do you use the Pixi Glow Tonic? I bought a small bottle at the end of 2017 and I’m having issues fitting it into my skincare routine with all of the other exfoliators I use, because I’m afraid of overexfoliating my skin!

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  2. The Tarte Eye Brightening Cream wasn’t even on my radar but now you got me intrigued. Will have to test it at the store.
    Ole Henriken The Truth Serum is so good! I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like it. I think the price is really reasonable too.
    Oooh I haven’t cracked open my bottle of Pixi Glow Tonic yet – should do that soon. Do you use it daily?

    Liked by 1 person

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