NEW Tarte Shape Tape Foundation- the details!

Hey loves! Short post today but I just wanted to share the graphic I posted on Instagram 👍🏻 It looks like the Shape Tape Foundation with be released tomorrow on Tarte’s website!

I really should wait until I can swatch the shades in store, but I’m sooo tempted! Who else is excited?! Will you be picking this up?

I will of course be posted a review once I have this in my possession! Heck, I’ll probably be trying it in the Ulta parking lot! I won’t be able to contain my excitement!

Stay tuned!


      1. Ulta did start shipping to Canada but the rates are ridiculous! It could be more than double the price of that foundation to get it here… I might have to shop on Tarte’s site instead! 😛

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  1. I unfortunately will not be purchasing this foundation, as I find only 15 foundation shades to not be enough. I can’t recommend something to readers in good conscience if Tarte doesn’t even have a shade for them 😦 I am curious about how this wears otherwise, but overall, it’s a pass.

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  2. I would love to try the hydrating version! Like Stashy was saying, we don’t have Ulta in Canada so it’s tough to get our hands on it. There’s always the Tarte website, but I always feel a little iffy about ordering base makeup without swatching it – it’s so easy to get the shade completely wrong!

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